ICQ Instant Messaging Software Warning

Do not install ICQ Instant Messaging Software (v.7.5). Without permission, it (a) adds an unwanted toolbar to your Browser (b) Replaces your default home page (c) in Firefox, replaces your default search engine with their own (d) replaces “bad” URL handling with an ICQ search. To remove the software…

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How to remember the electromagnetic spectrum

I was trying to find an easy way to remember the electromagnetic spectrum:

Radiowaves • Microwaves • Infrared • Visible light • Ultraviolet • X-rays • Gamma rays

Here’s an acronym I came up with…

Radio Microphone In red, Visits Ultra-violent eX-Gambler

Creating images with rounded corners with Paint Shop

Corel Paintshop Pro X3 doesn’t make it easy to create images with rounded corners, and transparent background. Many methods are slow and laborious. After some playing around, I think I’ve a way to nearly automate the process which after setting up, is two step:

  1. Create a raster rectangle with rounded corners, and make it a selection
  2. Copy your required image, and paste it into the selection

Here’s how.

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CSS Inline list bullet break/wrap fix

Sometimes, an inline list with a background image for the bullet, does not wrap correctly (see left), leaving the bullet hanging at the wrong end of the line.

The solution is to use the CSS2 display:inline-block property (rather than the NOWRAP property), which produces the correct layout (right column), and there is no unwanted line-break after the bullet. This effect may depend on your DOCTYPE, and you may not see the problem at all.

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