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Sat 24 Mar 2018


$HTTP_HOST fails on PHP 4 and Windows XP

9 July 2008
I run a small PHP script that uses $HTTP_HOST to return the current host URL name, usually "". Today is stopped working. My suspicions are a new Microsoft Windows Update (KB951748), though I don't think it has fully installed yet.

The problem arises with PHP v4 on Apache 1.3 and Windows XP with Service Pack 3. The problem does not arise with PHP 5 with Apache 2.2.8.

The workaround is to change occurences of $HTTP_HOST to $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']


Plustek OpticBook 3600 & am32plus start-up error

3 June 2008

After installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), my Plustek OpticBook 3600 stopped working.

Detailed description

On restarting my PC, and while the system tray is being populated, an error windows pops up with the message:

"AM32 Plus was unable to find some components of the software"
...with a suggestion to resinstall the scanner software (which I tried without it resolving the software)


Zestyfind.com and look2me.com -- adware/spyware

3 July 2004
Our son's computer became infected with these adware programs.


The PCs Internet Explorer browser would pop-up new browser windows containing Web sites we were not interested in, including directing us to www.Zestyfind.com and www.look2me.com

The Solution

A utility program called kill2me, specifically designed to remove look2me, removed the adware, Download here.

More information only Zestyfind can be found here

MySearch: Why my PC started running slowly

26 June 2004
You get use to the feel and responsiveness of your computer. So it was a surprise to find that my system started running slowly.


  • On selecting various items on my desktop, there would be a slight delay before anything would happen. For example, on selecting a menu from the menu bar, or clicking the red Close icon in the top-right corner of a window. The delay was 'only' about half a second, but enough time to be noticeable.
  • Drop-down windows would appear gradually.


Reducing spam, viruses, adware and spyware

25 June 2004


  • Spam is unsolicited email.
  • A virus is a computer program that usually arrives with your email as an attachment, AND, which you have inadvertently opened, and by so doing, causing it to infect your machine.
  • Adware is software that delivers adverts to your computer, but may be required by some software to run.
  • Spyware is software that sends information from your computer to another, for example, for advertising purposes.