How to remove a known Acrobat PDF password

I had some Adobe Acrobat PDF files that I knew the password, but wanted to remove. The following options did not work, because they required a Permission Password (which I did not have):

  • File | Properties | Security, then change the Security Method from Password Security to No Security
  • File | Print, then Print to Adobe PDF.

My solution follows:

  • File | Print, and then selected the printer “Microsoft Print to PDF”.

This option did not require the Permissions Password, and I was able to save my PDF as a new file, without requiring a password at all.

A quick, but inefficient method of creating a password-free file, which is best suited to a single-page file, is:

  • Display your document page so that it’s height fills the screen, the press the PtrSc key to take a screen grab, then paste the image into your favourite image software (eg. Paint, IrfanView), so that you can crop it to size, and save.

The disadvantage of the image method, is that you lose the ability to edit any text, and if you have multiple pages, this method is tedious to carry out .