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Sat 24 Mar 2018


CSS Inline list bullet break/wrap fix

23 Jan 2011
Sometimes, an inline list with a background image for the bullet, does not wrap correctly (see left), leaving the bullet handing at the wrong end of the line.

The solution is to use the CSS2 display:inline-block property (rather than the NOWRAP property), which produces the correct layout (right column), and there is no unwanted line-break after the bullet. This effect may depend on your DOCTYPE, and you may not see the problem at all.


Why indexing MS Word 2007 document corrupts saved file

3 Sep 2010
Thanks to a pointer from Seth Maislin that auto-indexing an MS Word file can corrupt a document, I can confirm that this is the case.



How to display the Pound currency symbol on Android mobile phone

29 Aug 2010
My Samsung Galaxy Portal runs Android 2.1. I could find no documentation explaining how to enter a "£" British UK Pound sign (and other symbols) into messages.

The solution


Changing Thunderbird 3.1 email server from IMAP to POP3

20 July 2010
Installing and configuring Thunderbird 3.1 for the first time, I discovered it would automatically create an IMAP email account, rather than POP3. In Thunderbird's Account Settings / Server settings, there is no option to change from IMAP to POP3.

The Solution


Activating CGI programs in EasyPHP

2 Jun 2010
EasyPHP is a free Web-server software suite, providing a Windows version of Apache, MySQL and PHP (WAMP) in an easy-to-install package. But it doesn't run CGI programs automatically. But it is quite easy to enable.

After installing easyphp.org, and ensuring it runs to make the changes, you needs to quit!


Intel matrix storage manager: Error Occurred(0)

13 Jan 2010
Each time I started my PC, one of the boot-up screens was showing an error (edited):

Intel matrix storage manager Rom v5.1.2.1002 ICH7R wRAID5 Hitachi HDP72505 S/N: GEA530RE3YJRBA 465.8GB Drive 0: Normal Drive 1: Error Occurred(0)

Since my PC was still working, and I my hard disk was showing more than 465.8GB full, then the second physical drive must be working OK, despite the error message.

Although there is a control panel associated with this screen, there is not an option to fix the problem.


Bleeding radiators with a Greenstar boiler

4 Dec 2009
Our radiators needed bleeding to remove excess air (they were hot at the bottom, and cooler towards the top). But we need to get more water into the system via our Greenstar 24i junior (or 28i junior) boiler, as the panel was showing a pressure of around 0.5. Here's how.

Preparing article meta data for Google Scholar

24 Nov 2009
From: "Scholar Support"
Subject: Meta data help

Thanks for your email regarding Google Scholar. In order to improve coverage and citation accuracy for your content in Google Scholar, we recommend that you provide us with article-level metadata for your publication(s). The easiest way to do so is by embedding "metatags" of your bibliographic information within your website's HTML pages. Once the tags are in place, our crawlers can re-crawl this data and add it to the Scholar index.



bid4vouchers.co.uk review

7 Nov 2009
bid4vouchers.co.uk is a site that auctions store vouchers, with the winner typically winning a voucher at 75%-90% off face value.

Each bid cost money, which is how the site says it makes its money.

I discovered, for example, that of the last 7 auctions, the winner averaged 6 bids (max 13), for vouchers averaging just over £60 a time (max £150). If this is typical, it should be easy to pick up a bargain.


Changing colour gradients

9 September 2009
A reoccurring issue, is to change the a colour in an image to another, but retaining the color gradient. For example, changing a greyscale image to green, but the light greys change to light green, the dark grays to dark green. The image is greyscale because the black drawing is anti-aliased with varying shades of grey.

Corel Paintshop Pro includes the Color Replacer, which is supposed to do just this.