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Sat 24 Mar 2018


How to add a Facebook page activity post RSS feed, to a web page

4 May 2012
Adding a Facebook feed of recent posts to another web site, turned out to be much more complicated than anticipated. Facebook have their own Activity Feed, but I couldn't get it to work, and nor did I understand some of the options like App ID and Action. Here's my solution...


EasyPHP .cgi script Access denied solved

19 Mar 2012
Having installed EasyPHP 5.3.7, and enable cgi scripts, I found that on calling a particular script, I received the error message:
Access forbidden!

You don't have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.

The solution was to change some of the Apache configuration options:


Proton Impian Car Alarm: disabling

26 Feb 2012
Before replacing our Proton Impian (2006) (AKA Waja) car alarm, it would go off randomly for about 60 seconds. The temporary solution was to disconnect the siren. Here's how....

Android Mobile phone Wi-Fi connection problem

19 Oct 2011
I was having problems connecting my Samsung Galaxy Portal (AKA Spica, GT-I5700) to our home Wi-FI. On clicking the connect to Wi-Fi button, I was getting no further than the message "Obtaining an IP address". The solution...

My Computer Won't Start

16 Oct 2011
I recently found that my computer would not start, when I press the button on the front panel. The solution...

ICQ Instant Messaging Software Warning

16 June 2011
Do not install ICQ Instant Messaging Software (v.7.5). Without permission, it (a) adds an unwanted toolbar to your Browser (b) Replaces your default home page (c) in Firefox, replaces your default search engine with their own (d) replaces "bad" URL handling with an ICQ search. To remove the software...

How to remember the electromagnetic spectrum

15 June 2011
I was trying to find an easy way to remember the electromagnetic spectrum:

Radiowaves • Microwaves • Infrared • Visible light • Ultraviolet • X-rays • Gamma rays

Here's an acronym I came up with...


PHP snippet to display the season

20 Mar 2011
The Spring Equinox has just begun, and I needed a PHP snippet that would display the current season, where Dec, Jan and Feb are Winter, etc. Here's how.

Creating images with rounded corners with Paint Shop

6 Feb 2011
Corel Paintshop Pro X3 doesn't make it easy to create images with rounded corners, and transparent background. Many methods are slow and laborious. After some playing around, I think I've a way to nearly automate the process which after setting up, is two step:
  1. Create a raster rectangle with rounded corners, and make it a selection
  2. Copy your required image, and paste it into the selection
Here's how.

How to log-in to OpenID with your Google account

25 Jan 2011
Many blogging sites, and website that allow comments, let you sign-in with OpenID credentials. If you have a Google account (eg. for Google Mail), then you can use the OpenID log-in. Solution: