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Tue 24 Apr 2018


Wordpress permalinks 403 Forbidden error

14 Jul 2017
After installing a fresh copy of Wordpress, I was finding that when I created a new page, and tried viewing it, I received an error message: 403 Forbidden. Research suggested a permissions error, mine was different.


Firefox FireFTP addon "Unresponsive script" fix

18 Jan 2017
When using the FireFTP add-on in Firefox, and trying to show the contents of a directory with lots (500+) of entries, after 20 seconds or so, a window pops up suggesting "Unresponsive script" with the option to Stop or Continue. The solution is as follows...

How to cure one common form of dizziness

12 May 2016
In my older age (over 50) I found that I was experiencing dizzy spells (a) at night lying down my head on the in bed (b) exaggerated movement of the head (c) occasionally when walking, in time with my steps. This particular kind of vertigo ("BPPV") can be self-diagnosed and treated. I am not a doctor, and this treatment should not replace the advice of a medical doctor. Here's how...


Acrobat Reader installs in Ukrainian (Russian)

13 Apr 2016
Having installed Adobe Acrobat Reader, I found it had installed something called Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, with all the menus in Ukrainian, which looks like Russian, with Cyrillic characters. I was able to change the menus to English, but this is not the same as installing the English version. I also found that when I tried to update this version, I would get a message: "newer version already installed". The solution....

How to update Adobe Acrobat 9

21 Jan 2016
I still use Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 because upgrades are too expensive. On trying to reinstall it on Windows 10, I discovered that none of the updates appear to be found. Here is how to get updates.

How to run Eudora v7 on Windows 10

23 Nov 2015
See also: Aid4Mail (Migration)

I still run Eudora v7.1.0.9, currently on Windows 7 (32-bit), and now need to move everything to 64-bit Windows 10.

It is not straightforward, because you can't run Eudora from the 64-bit /Program Files/ directory, and you certainly can't store your emails there, because the directory is write protected.

Moving to Windows 10 32-bit /Program Files (x86)/ might appear to be a workaround, but you can't move your Eudora installation to another directory, because all the directory paths would change, in particular, the directory to attachments.

One of the error messages I was getting was "Cannot start Eudora the first time with attachments"

Here's how I solved the problem...


Unable to ping Android Samsung mobile from Windows 7

13 Aug 2015
A couple of Apps on my Android phone run webservers, so that I can access them across my local area network. Recently, although the webservers continued to work, I was unable to access them from my Windows 7 PC. The solution took several day to track down, but was very simple.

Last postbox collection times in Sandbach

6 Jul 2015
Monday - Friday (Sat 12:30p)
  • St George's Walk, Sandbach @ 5:30pm (map)
  • Entrance to Weston Centre, Weston Road, Crewe @ 6:30pm (map)

Plesk 11.6: How to copy a mySQL database

12 Feb 2015
Not as straightforward as it should be. In Plesk 11.5, after selecting the Database tab, the obvious solution is to click the Copy link in the last column for a specific database. Unfortunately, you end up with a database with no specific user, and trying to assign a new one will not work. I also found that exporting a database from within phpMyAdmin was also hit and miss, required exactly the rights settings, and editing of the resulting file. Not ideal. The solution...