Toytota Avensis GS VVT-I (Oct 2002): Key problem

I needed to fix my ignition key for the car (a) the buttons had broken and were falling out (b) the battery was flat. I found several solutions. Here is what worked for me:…

  1. I bought a CR-2016 lithium battery from my local market, cost £1
  2. I bought a Toyota 3-button key rubber pad for an Avensis on eBay, from the Keys Company (turns out this comes with a free battery!), cost £2.50.
  3. I had to use a miniature watch screwdriver to remove the single screw at the bottom of the plastic fob, near the blade. The plastic casing then prised open.
  4. I had to cut the unused button (boot lock) from the rubber. Everything fitted in place without any trouble
  5. I did not have to reprogramme the key, even though the battery had been flat for many months.

If you do have to programme the key, and although I did not try it, the page “How do i re-program the remote for the alarm/central locking on my 99 toyota Avensis?” looks promising (though I note this is for the 1999 model).


  1. If you need a new key casing, I found “Toyota TOY47T 2 button replacement remote key case“, which they cut from a 300-dpi scan of my original key, and provided my key code serial number. Cost £11.50
  2. I mistakenly purchased a “Toyota Avensis transponder key TOY47T” (£18.50) but this does not include a remote (ie. not buttons!). I guess this is similar to the courtesy key, that does not open the boot or glove compartment. But I couldn’t programme it.