How to Remove from Firefox was installed into Firefox with another piece of software. Here’s how I removed it.

  1. Go to Control Panel | Programs and Feature, and uninstall
  2. In Firefox, go to Add-ons | Extensions, and remove
  3. In Firefox, to the right of the Address bar, is the search engine bar, at the start of which is an icon with a down-arrow. Click to display a list of search engines installed, and at the bottom of the menu, select Manage Search Engines. Remove, or any unfamiliar or unwanted search engines.
  4. After removing the SmartBar and SearchEngine customisation, I was still sent to snap if I entered keywords into the URL bar. The solution is:

    1. Enter into Firefox’s address bar, about:config
    2. Then search for: snap
    3. You should find an entry for keyword.URL
    4. Double click the keyword.URL value, and delete the web address, save.