Proton Impian Car Alarm: disabling

Before replacing our Proton Impian (2006) (AKA Waja) car alarm, it would go off randomly for about 60 seconds. The temporary solution was to disconnect the siren. Here’s how….

  1. Open the bonnet. (a) There’s a bonnet-release lever on the driver’s side as the dashboard curves into the footwell. (b) The bonnet has a double latch, so once the bonnet has opened as far as the first latch, you need to feel behind the front tip of the bonnet (“V”-shaped, where the Proton logo is attached), on the left-hand side, is another catch-release. By moving the second catch level by the right amount, the bonnet can be released fully. (c) The bonnet-support rod is along the left hand side, the tip of which is placed in a hole in the bonnet on its left edge.
  2. Locate the alarm siren. As you stand at the front of the engine compartment, the siren is back right, a rectangular box attached to the back of the engine compartment, at the top, and is labelled on the left side “Proton Digital Siren”.
  3. Disconnect the wires. Three wires enter a plastic connector, and three wires leave it and enter the siren. The connector needs disconnecting. On top of the connector is a small plastic “lever”. It needs to be lifted up, which allows the connector to be pulled apart. To help, I used some pliers to lift the plastic lever and hold the right-hand side, and another pair of pliers to grip the left-hand side, and pulled.