How to make the Mini TV Dual Core A9 MK-808 work with BBC iPlayer and 4oD

Having just acquired this HDTV HDMI/USB stick, I couldn’t get it to stream BBC iPlayer nor 4oD content with their android apps. Here’s how I solved it.

I set-up and configured Mozilla’s Android Firefox to stream content directly from the appropriate website.

  1. I downloaded the Firefox Browser for Android from the Google Play store (free of charge). The default Browser, which seems to be Chrome, would not work.
  2. In Firefox, I downloaded and installed the “Desktop by Default” add-on, which circumvents the need to select “Request Desktop Site” in the Firefox menu each time it is run. This stopped the websites reporting that my device was not compatible.
  3. In Firefox Settings, I changed the Tap Plugins in the Content section, to Enabled (details)

The Adobe Flash App should already be installed on the Mini TV (See Settings|Apps). Otherwise it needs to be installed from Adobe’s “Archived Flash Player versions” for Android 4.0 or better.

The Wi-Fi is not great, so sometimes streaming content, especially HD, is not smooth, and buffers often. I’m investigating using a wired Ethernet connection, using a RJ45 to USB adapter.

Note added later: After some frustration using the device, I finally disposed of it. My Android phone, however, has worked flawlessly as a wireless WiFi device, plugged into TV HDMI port.