review is a site that auctions store vouchers, with the winner typically winning a voucher at 75%-90% off face value.

Each bid cost money, which is how the site says it makes its money.

I discovered, for example, that of the last 7 auctions, the winner averaged 6 bids (max 13), for vouchers averaging just over £60 a time (max £150). If this is typical, it should be easy to pick up a bargain. And this seemed typical of the last few days.

In my first and only auction, the winner made 48 bids, I made 50 bids before I ran out of money. This seems suspiciously high compared to previous auctions. There is no way to contact other bidders, so no way to check whether such bidders really exist.

I’m not suggesting this is a scam, but Caveat Emptor.