How to run Eudora v7 on Windows 10

See also: Aid4Mail (Migration)

I still run Eudora v7.1.0.9, currently on Windows 7 (32-bit), and now need to move everything to 64-bit Windows 10.

It is not straightforward, because you can’t run Eudora from the 64-bit /Program Files/ directory, and you certainly can’t store your emails there, because the directory is write protected.

Moving to Windows 10 32-bit /Program Files (x86)/ might appear to be a workaround, but you can’t move your Eudora installation to another directory, because all the directory paths would change, in particular, the directory to attachments.

One of the error messages I was getting was “Cannot start Eudora the first time with attachments”

Here’s how I solved the problem…

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