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Sat 24 Mar 2018


PHP date_sunrise with daylight saving

19 Jun 2014
I was using PHP to calculate sunrise and sunset using the built-in functions date_sunrise and date_sunset. But initially, the resulting time was ignoring British Summer Times (BST). The solution was to specify whether daylight saving was in force.


Windows Update: Samsung Mobile MTP Device "installation failed"

11 Jan 2014
Windows Update was showing an optional install (Released date: May 2012) for:
SAMSUNG Electronics Co., Ltd. - Other hardware - SAMSUNG Mobile MTP Device (4.3Mb)

After downloading and starting the install process, a Restore Point would be created, but attempts to complete the installation would always fail, even after restarting my PC. The solution...


How to speed up Eudora "processing" new downloaded emails

24 Jun 2013
For quite a while, my Eudora v7.1.0.9, has been taking a very long time to process new emails that have been downloaded, sometimes up to a minute. True, my inbox is 22Mb, but it has never taken this long before. Here's the solution...

How to edit a PDF file Date Created (or Modified) with Acrobat

10 Mar 2013
Having created a PDF file, I wanted to change the PDF creation date, as reported in the document properties. Here's how.

How to make the Mini TV Dual Core A9 MK-808 work with BBC iPlayer and 4oD

8 Feb 2013
Having just acquired this HDTV HDMI/USB stick, I couldn't get it to stream BBC iPlayer nor 4oD content with their android apps. Here's how I solved it.

Toytota Avensis GS VVT-I (Oct 2002)

13 Nov 2012
I needed to fix my ignition key for the car (a) the buttons had broken and were falling out (b) the battery was flat. I found several solutions. Here is what worked for me:...

EasyPHP: Access forbidden! on images

15 Nov 2012
Running the EasyPHP WAMP server I found that my local website was not displaying images, and pointing directly to an image (jpg or gif) was displaying the server error "Access forbidden!". The solution...

How to Remove snap.do from Firefox

13 Nov 2012
Snap.do was installed into Firefox with another piece of software. Here's how I installed it.

Sky TV: Fix "Program synopsis not available", find the hidden install/setup menu

23 July 2012
On our Freesat from Sky box, programme listing were showing the message "Program synopsis not available". If you have only one cable feed connected to your Sky box (our second feed is connected to another box), this is fixed by configuring the system to use "Single Feed Mode" via the hidden Install menu. Instructions from Sky did not work for me, here's how to solve it.

How to get to BBC Sports Red Button on Sky Freesat

28 Jun 2012
It took me a while to figure out how to get BBC Sport Interactive via the Red button on a Freesat for Sky box. Here's how...